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The Pyramidenkogel is located south of Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia, Austria. As the highest wooden observation tower in the world, it measures 100 meters, including the antenna. Kastner ZT-GmbH used COOR for project controlling during its construction.

Kastner ZT GmbH
Viewing tower
> 200.000
Building height
100 m

The Highest Wooden Observation Tower in the World


At a total height of 100 meters, the Pyramidenkogel the highest wooden observation tower in the world. It was built in 2013 based on a design by architects Markus Klaura and Dietmar Kaden and structural engineer Markus Lackner. And while it represents a screw of twisted ellipses, it owes its name to its location south of Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia.

Construction and building materials

Rotating ellipses, which were rotated by a certain angle on each construction level and simultaneously moved up one floor, give the Pyramidenkogel its basic shape. The resulting spiral shape symbolizes growth and development and is complemented by vertically running curved wooden supports as well as slender diagonals made of steel. The construction was largely made of local larch wood, with which the Pyramidenkogel sets an example for sustainability and regional roots.

Elements and attractions

The wooden observation tower also includes a base building with restaurant, terrace and store, which has been designed to be barrier-free throughout. As a special highlight, the Pyramidenkogel offers the Skybox, which can be rented as an event venue.

120 Meter slide

Visitors to the wooden lookout tower can also expect the highest covered slide in Europe, which thrills visitors with speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour over a length of 120 meters.


"In addition to the Pyramidenkogel, we have been able to use COOR since 2011 to optimize numerous other construction projects in terms of cost tracking and complete them to the complete satisfaction of our clients. We use the reliable cost forecasts, especially for medium and large projects, to keep our clients continuously informed about current cost developments. Thus, COOR has become an indispensable tool for our project managers."

DI Andreas Kuchling, KASTNER ZT-GmbH

Kastner ZT-GmbH has been a reliable COOR partner since 1993, focusing on stability, continuous growth and sustainability. The services offered include project management and local construction supervision, structural design, structural physics and expertise. In the area of project management, COOR is used for the efficient control of projects.

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