Erste-Campus Foto by Toni Rappersberger
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COOR Reference Project

Erste Campus

The Erste Campus is the new headquarters of Erste Group, the largest financial services provider in Central and Eastern Europe. For the execution of this challenging real estate project, both the project management and the local construction supervision used COOR to manage costs and risks.

Office space
DGNB Platin certification
Gross floor space
165.000 m2

Neighborhood development

Collaboration within the Project

local construction supervision and project management was crucial. Therefore, data was continuously transferred via an internal COOR interface to ensure an up-to-date overview of the cost development.
Erste-Campus Foto by Toni Rappersberger

"COOR is Erste Group Bank AG's strategic cost control tool for the group's real estate projects."

Mag. Andrea Besenhofer, Head of Properties & Services, Erste Group Bank AG

Das Projekt


With the Erste Campus, the new headquarters of Erste Group and Erste Bank Austria, as well as their subsidiaries, were built on the former site of Vienna’s Südbahnhof. At the same time, it is the first major project in the Belvedere district, a neighborhood characterized by an urban mix of company offices, residential buildings, green spaces, cultural institutions and museums, as well as shops and restaurants.


Up to 1,000 workers from more than 100 companies have been employed daily on the construction site, which covered an area of about three soccer fields. The aim was to bring together Erste Group’s more than 20 branches spread across Vienna at a single location and to create a flexible, inviting and functional working environment for the workforce. For this purpose, an open-space concept was implemented, i.e. permanent organizational units without fixed assignment of workplaces.


The center of the campus is formed by the two-story atrium as well as various restaurants, the Erste Bank branch, the Business Club and the Financial Life Club. In addition to another highlight, the Grand Hall event space, which can accommodate up to 500 guests, there is also a training center, kindergarten and health center on the premises.

Erste-Campus Foto by Toni Rappersberger

"We chose COOR for the realization of this major project because our project partner for construction supervision, IC Consulenten ZT GmbH, had already successfully used this controlling tool in many projects. A data interface was set up especially for this project to enable the exchange between the construction supervision and the client. Since COOR is database-based, the error rate is very low compared to Excel. It immediately indicates when, for example, budgets or contract values are exceeded and adjustments are required accordingly. It usually takes just one click to call up the desired facts, which are often requested on short notice. It is a very good controlling tool. The application is quick to learn for newcomers. The program is very logically structured and user-friendly. I have always worked with cost management programs in my projects. Now that we have the program in-house, it will continue to be used for various other customer projects. It should be emphasized that the service hotline has been able to solve all problems so far and has always been very friendly and helpful."

Dipl. Ing. Arch. Carmen Renz, Kostenmanagement Erste Campus
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