• COOR Software für das Bau.Projektcontrolling
  • Costs, proceeds, cash flow and dividends – everything at a glance!

    Project developers or building contractors operate in a complex and dynamic environment subject to regular parametric changes. Part of your daily task is the management of these frequent changes and risks and to make the right decision at the right time. COOR puts the necessary data at your fingertips which helps you early on to maintain optimal budget control.

    COOR delivers reliable forecasts on expected profits, cash flow and internal as well as external assets assigned on project and portfolio level. Continually documenting the cost and return development assures investors, management and the business administrative and technical controlling divisions.

    Automated interfaces ensure synchronization of data in project controlling and in the business administration systems. Duplicate entries and manual adjustments are a thing of the past - You can save time and avoid mistakes.

    Advantages and Benefits for Project Developers

    • All project data contained in one system - from the initial concept to the finalized project
    • Any processes and decisions can be traced back at any time
    • Fast and improved decision making through integrated check and approval processes
    • Flexible design of business processes and project framework
    • Save time and avoid mistakes through automatic reconciling the actual data with bookkeeping

    What COOR users are saying:

    Thanks to COOR we have found a tool that allows us to keep an eye on the business data at any time during our current big projects.

    Mag. Manfred Türmer, MBA
    Head of Controlling