• COOR Software für das Bau.Projektcontrolling
  • Costs, risks, structures, processes - manage them all professionally and with full tracking!

    As a representative of the architect, you are responsible for the professional management of building costs and risk management. Furthermore, you set up the structure and processes of the project. With COOR, you can manage all business processes related to costs and decision making across all project phases. Which enables you to issue solid statements about the cost development.

    With the help of an integrated workflow management system, you can structure and document the checking and approval processes and in turn enforce a timely decision process.

    This leads to a significant reduction in the time and effort needed for analysis and reporting. COOR reporting delivers current project status data and forecasts to all project participants.

    Advantages and Benefits for Project Controllers:

      • Reliable forecasts of costs and spending with early alert system
      • Delivery of current relevant project data to all participants
      • Tracking and transparency of all cost processes and decisions
      • Design of project structures and processes
      • Comprehensive flexible reporting of presentation quality