• COOR Software für das Bau.Projektcontrolling
  • Costs, returns, amount covered and liquidity - everything at a glance!

    Whether you're a general entrepreneur, a general expandeur or a total overtaker, your unique challenge is your double duty as contractor and contracting principal. You'll have to capture and calculate the tasks at hand and assess the opportunities and the risks.

    COOR lets you keep an eye on not only the costs but also the returns for the entire scope of contracts. At any time you will know the current order and billing status, the amount covered and the payment flow on both the project and the company level.

    Advantages and Benefits for General Entrepreneurs:

    • Central controlling platform for the entire contractual volume
    • All project data from initial calculation to hand-off in one integrated system
    • Continuous forecast of costs, returns and the amount covered
    • Presentation of liquidity including financing flow, incoming funds and funds covered
    • Integrated management of additions for both the contracting principal as well as the sub-contractor