• COOR Software für das Bau.Projektcontrolling
  • The entire construction program - in one permanent overview!

    No matter whether you oversee single projects or entire constructions programs, COOR documents the entire cost development across all project phases. Up-to-date actual figures and safe forecasts help you stay within the investment limits and make the right decisions.

    Using multiple project controlling, you can summarize the project data for overall controlling projections and reporting purposes. 

    The trend is collaboration!
    Projects are often carried out by multiple project partners at remote locations who have separate tasks and responsibilities. Business processes and decision making are deeply linked.
    COOR is your central information base for all project participants. Using the internet-based project controlling platform, all participants can access the same current project knowledge - saving you time as you no longer need to gather feedback and input.

    Advantages and benefits for the contracting principal and the architect:

    • Central controlling platform for all participants
    • Offering an overview at any time of cost development and expenditure
    • Include all project participants in the checking and approval processes
    • Unified systematics and flexible structures for all projects
    • Save time through automatic reconciling of the actual data with bookkeeping