• COOR Software für das Bau.Projektcontrolling
  • Who are our customers?

    Construction and real estate projects are expensive, complex, and technically demanding. They are often carried out under time constraints and are subject to extremely dynamic processes. Many aspects are uncertain, presenting a high risk potential.

    Project partners tend to produce data pertaining to expected, actual and anticipated costs with various degrees of accuracy. How these costs are viewed depends on the different participants’ roles within the project and their respective interest in the project. The solution is a sophisticated system for Project Controlling that offers a flexible, systematic cost breakdown for all participants, enabling a drill-down from the overall project costs (traffic light symbol) all the way into individual services. If needed, this type of system should also be able to be integrated into other IT enterprise solutions.


    Advantages and benefits for all project partners:

    • Security through flexible prognosis
    • Reduced complexity through clear structures
    • Improved cooperation by means of cross-workflows
    • Fast and improved decision making through integrated check and approval processes
    • Permanent overview by means of a consistent database instead of individual Excel files
    • Flexible informative reports at the touch of a button
    • Avoid mistakes and duplicate entries on other IT solution interfaces


    To enable the necessary controlling across all areas, the project participants need up-to-date cost data reflecting all possible scenarios – thus reducing the economic risk for the architect.