• COOR Software für das Bau.Projektcontrolling
  • The module COOR AVA displays the entire invitation to tender, allocation and billing process in one continuous view. The user-friendly, intuitive design lets even new or occasional users navigate with ease.

    With COOR you can describe the necessary tasks safely meeting all compliance standards. The efficient checking of incoming quotes means another way for you to save time. You can analyze the quotes online using offer comparison which enables you to recognize outliers and created simulations of various factors.

    Checking and corrections, if any, of on-site measurements and invoices is a detailed and time-consuming process that has been simplified in COOR with the help of proven features. The resulting Target/Actual comparison and forecasts give you an instant overview of any critical development.

    Invitation to tender

      • Simple & safe creation of bill of quantity from template bills of quantity
      • Easily capture and change additional invitation texts
      • Quantity determination per item or per object with tracking
      • GAEB, ÖNORM and Excel data exchange
      • Fast check of quotes and easy-to-interpret analysis
      • Order process compliant with allocation statutes
      • Supported by workflows and regular checks

      The accuracy of the invitation is critical for the success of the project.

      Detailed and easy-to-interpret quotes analysis and evaluations provide the baseline for the optimal decision of the contracting principal. 

      COOR AVA is an up-to-date, easy to use invitation to tender program compliant with all necessary standards!


      Checking the bills is IT-supported which saves time and simplifies the checking and approval of on-site measurements and invoices. Reporting supplies all project participants with comprehensive Target/Actual comparisons and projections.

      COOR maintains transparency during the entire construction process which lets you control the construction progress.

      • Attachment of the contractual bills of quantity
      • Import or manual capture of the on-site measurements and booked quantities
      • Checking the on-site measurements or quantities and correction with tracking
      • Printout invoice datasheet
      • Capture and manage additions
      • Target/Actual comparison of quantity and costs
      • ABC analysis and graphical comparison
      • Quantity projections above completion quote