• COOR Software für das Bau.Projektcontrolling
  • Return controlling is about planning and managing the returns from your real estate projects  (purchase/rental). You determine the returns scenario based on feasibility analysis and calculations of variants. In distribution controlling you manage the purchase and rental contracts with potential special requests. Incoming funds are automatically calculated based on the existing payment plans and the planned dispensation quota.

    COOR delivers reliable forecasts on expected profits, committed internal and external assets, cash flow as well as on risk. All statements are made on both the project and the portfolio level.

    Return planning

    Project calculation based on the object data and benchmarks. Depending on the project phase and either based on the maximum construction footprint per use up to determination of each single return unit (apartment, office, storage, subterranean parking etc.).

    The value of the rental real estate is calculated with the multiplier in the benchmark process.


      • Determination of the object data and milestones
      • Division into real split and usage areas
      • Calculation of returns
        (details depend on the project phase)
      • Division into sales/rental, private/commercial
      • Residual value method

      Distribution controlling


      • Administration of the sale and rental units
      • Issue of sales and rental contracts (via Word template)
      • Setup of payment plans (MABV)
      • Automatic Issue of outgoing invoices
      • Differentiation between commercial/private/investment
      • Capture of incoming invoices
      • Guarantee management

      Answers to questions on what has already been sold or rented, who the contract partners are, when the next installments are due, what has already been accounted for or paid, what type of special requests have come in and so forth. 

      And naturally including any documentation such as plan, contracts, mail correspondence, logs etc.

      Managing special requests

      "Would you mind if we added a little bit?"
      Manage all special requests efficiently at a glance!

      Want to know which special requests have come in, what their status is and whether these have been approved, executed, booked and what remains to be done? COOR tells you all that - at the press of a button!


      • Centrally capture special requests
      • Assign to buyer/tenant and trades
      • Capture of returns and cost components
      • Printout of decision templates
      • Link to the management of additions
      • Accounting for it in the payment plan
      • Proportional cover per special request
      • Overview with status

      Cash-Flow & Financing

      • What type of assets does it take?
      • What can I expect in terms of utilization and repayment?
      • How much will it cost?

      COOR can answer these questions - so that you can make the right financing decisions.


        • Numerical and graphical cash flow plan
        • Financial needs per period
        • Internal and external assets
        • Financing framework with EK, FK
        • Starting point for interest calculation
        • Financing indicators