• COOR Software für das Bau.Projektcontrolling
  • Inside the COOR Project Cockpit all strands come together: it offers a structured overview about the current project status and any relevant information for decision making in terms of planning and control of your building projects: an overview of the current cost development, spending, incoming financing and cash flow charts. The early alert system issues warnings of critical developments. All open checks and approvals from the workflow management are visible in the task list.

    Multi-Project Controlling

    Selective multi-project controlling for single projects, activity bundles and construction programs.

    The goal is parallel planning, monitoring across systems and controlling of an entire project portfolio.

    Cross-project analysis and report evaluations.


      • Multi-project evaluations on costs and returns
      • Key indicator comparison
      • Target/Actual comparisons and forecasts
      • Consolidated cash flow
      • Cross-project processing lists
      • Analysis and report evaluations for several projects 

      Projekt Cockpit

      Overview of key decision making project data.

      The COOR Project Cockpit offers an overview of the current project status (Management Summary). Reliable forecasts, the current cash flow and key indicators serve as a basis for decisions. Expected approvals, warnings, and tasks are chronologically listed awaiting processing...


      • Chart of current cost development
      • Chart of distribution controlling (usage ratio)
      • Current cash flow
      • Tasks, reminders and warnings
      • Current key indicators and cost data
      • Early alert system

          Approval workflows

          Checking and approval of invoices, orders, additions, changes, budgets - cross-location and cross-company.

          Project specific determination of check and approval processes in the integrated workflow management system. Automatic task lists and notifications to those in charge.


          • Open models of the workflows
          • Documentation of the process steps safe for revision
          • Task lists for every user
          • Automatic email notifications
          • Digital check marks
          • Attach any document type
          • Escalation management


          The interfaces connect COOR with existing IT systems. You ensure that the information in the various application fields is identical.

          The benefit to you: no duplicate input, no more tedious manual reconciling - which saves you time and avoids mistakes.

          Available interfaces:

          • ERP/Bookkeeping (SAP, DATEV, BMD, etc.)
          • Document management systems
          • Project platforms (e.g., Thinkproject!)
          • MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook)
          • GAEB/ÖNORM interface

          Document management


          • Attach any files with Drag&Drop
          • Automatic data compression
          • Optional save in SQL database or links to data system
          • Hyperlinks to external DMS systems

          Integrated document management for all file types either directly on the fly (invoice, contract, change, approval process etc.) or in a parent document viewer.

          Supported file formats:

          • Emails from MS Outlook
          • PDF documents
          • Image files (e.g. jpeg)
          • Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.)
          • any other file formats

          Permissions and Roles

          The integrated role and permissions system controls data access and the processes inside COOR. Authenticated users can only view and edit the data intended for them and approve these.

          The permissions system is in place for:

            • Project access
            • Data (items that can be assigned)
            • Approval steps
            • Program features
            • Reporting