• COOR Software für das Bau.Projektcontrolling
  • COOR Project Controlling

    COOR is a continuous, industry specific solution for the construction and real estate business based on databases that aims to maximize planning, control, supervision and determination of costs and returns as well as to set up systematic structures and processes. 

    Targeted information for all participants - COOR at any time offers an overview and transparency across the cost development at that point in time. This provides the necessary certainty to make decisions and minimizes the economic risk - any time anywhere.

    Laptop, company network or Internet based project controlling platform?

    COOR is scalable however you need it:

      • Single user operation on a laptop
      • Multiple users on the company network
      • SaaS model (lease) via the COOR data center.


      COOR is designed for implementation in mid-size to large organizations - at various locations and including all participants. Its state of the art software technology combined with a MS SQL server provides a secure, robust work environment with high performance for many simultaneous users.

      COOR - The Single Point of Truth

      • one central unified database for all participants
      • current secured project information
      • transparent and trackable business processes
      • approval processes with revision safeguards and clear structures
      • solid targeted reporting at your fingertips
      • consistent project structures and methodology


      COOR creates a connection between the business administrative and the order-based cost assessment. The COOR interface connections provide automatic synchronization of project controlling with existing IT systems (Accounts, Document Management, etc.).

      Cost development remains transparent and traceable even later because all decisions are documented and a data history is kept.