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  • Our company values are the foundation for innovative creativity and competitive positioning. We share our values with our customers and business partners as well as with our personnel and society at large. Our values provide direction and show what we stand for.

    We design. We invest in research, bring about change and set trends. We think outside the box and are always open to new ideas. Combining openness with technological capabilities, we become innovators that set things in motion and create value propositions for our customers. We design software in collaboration with and for our users.

    "Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks."
    Johann Gottfried von Herder, German poet, translator, theologian and philosopher (1744 - 1803)
    At the COOR Group, work and inspiration go hand in hand. We exceed expectations and overcome impossibilities. COOR employees do more than a job—they put their heart and soul into the tasks at hand.

    Since its founding in 1995, the COOR Group has pursued stable profitable growth as its primary focus and core principle. COOR companies are 100% owner-led organizations. When we talk about stability we rely on positive, ongoing relationships with our personnel, our customers, our business partners and with the community. COOR’s partners trust our company policy of investing more in continuous, sustainable value enhancements and less in the quick accumulation of profits.